Prism MarketingOne of Prism Marketing’s unique mission pillars is flexibility. We want to be a great partner for each individual partner. We know some clients may just need the basic information of certain marketing areas to decide what they need for their particular situation. Some business owners may just need to know what a difference public relations may make in their business or why they should begin to occupy the social media space before they want an outside source to help them integrate it into their marketing plans.
We get it. Prism Marketing’s “quick course” is an immediate download for a very low cost manual with the basics of standard marketing principles and practices. It contains the background and premise of each marketing area but also includes a step-by-step guide on basic tactics for areas such as public relations, strategic planning and media buy just to name a few. The quick courses are $19.95 and easily paid for via PayPal or major credit card. After verification of a secured payment, each file is quickly downloaded and can be saved as a PDF or printed.
Want to know more about these areas? Download a quick course and then call us if you need further assistance.

Quick Courses

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