Media Buying – Major business decisions

Prism Marketing AdvertisingMedia buying is one of the most confusing and changing aspects to any business owner. Weekly, you are approached to purchase media to promote your business. While these sales calls can be time consuming and be an annoyance, if you know what you are doing they can really pay off.

Developing relationships along with knowing what media to buy and when to buy it is critical to every organization.   There is also no faster changing area of marketing than social media, digital advertising and other Internet-based advertising. Knowing what to ask, when to ask and then being able to determine if you are getting the correct return on your money is crucial to succeeding in today’s business.

Do you know the following?

  • What media is most effective for your business and how to select it?
  • The difference between GRP and KPI?
  • Differences in the advantages and disadvantages of today’ media?
  • How to mathematically determine what you should be spending and where?

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