Prism MarketingThere are thousands of marketing agencies in the United States but very few that truly have a unique perspective and skill set. Prism Marketing is one of those agencies. With a unique proven marketing and communications strategic planning process augmented by several proprietary messaging and budget models, our success lives with our client’s success. These principles and processes have been proven over time to help small businesses as well as major brands in both commercial and non-profit arenas. Our symbol is a prism. A prism takes in thousands of streams of light and separates it into separate focused colors of light. We take a myriad of issues and factors and then focus efforts that address specific needs which work together harmoniously.

We level the playing field. We have practical experience and have learned our craft by being inside successful major brands or worked inside an agency to help the brand build their markets. We give small to mid-size companies the advantage of skipping the time, tests and financial commitment to gain a return on investments quickly and manage their growth.

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