Small to Mid-Sized Companies

Prism MarketingWhat do major brands know that you don’t know? Well, plenty. That’s how they got to be major brands. They have gained their knowledge and processes by hiring smart people who have refined the brand’s position, essence and promise.  They have the advantage of history and money to fine tune and carve out their niche. And yes – they have made plenty of mistakes.  Big mistakes.  They have the advantage of major resources to test and experiment with concepts.  Smaller companies normally don’t have this luxury.

We carefully learn your business quickly.  Together, we lay out a strategic plan for what will move your business most effectively at a cost which lets you sleep at night. The solution will always be customized to your business.  Simply, that means you will only pay for the services you need.  Isn’t that what partners do to help both become successful?  If this sounds good to you, the phone call or email is free.  We are here to help.

Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Running an agency that is doing okay but not progressing to the next level?  Most agencies were formed by extremely smart people with a specific talent.  They grow due to their talent and then hire good young talent.  Many times, that is where the growing pains begin.  Most agencies simply don’t have clients they can afford to put at risk while their account teams learn their craft. Does your account team know when a client is at risk?  Are you constantly challenged on pricing of your staff?  The Prism staff has been on both sides of the equation.  Our personalized and customized program helps you evaluate your staff’s strength but more importantly teaches them how to communicate with senior staff and their clients; give specific direction to creatives for award winning campaigns; and quickly identify when a client is having issues and may be walking out the door.  By understanding issues from both perspectives, we know how to help account staffs on all levels become better and increase your business with clients.

What We Don’t Do:    (but we know guys!)

  • Build websites
  • Sales Training
  • Market Research
  • Waste Money

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