Do You Know Which Half Of Your Advertising Is Working?

Prism Marketing AdvertisingThere is an old saying that only 50 percent of your advertising is working. The days are gone of placing an ad in a newspaper and bold your listing in the Yellow Pages.  Now there is a world of advertising media to evaluate and know when and where to use properly.

Proper messaging, execution and targeted media buying can ensure your dollars makes sales.  The proper mix of digital, print or perhaps other marketing messages can target your customers with laser light efficiency so you are getting the right message during the process at an affordable price.  Do you know what the advantages are of print versus digital, television or Google ad words?  These are all elements that our professionals work with every day and understand the nuances of creating a great campaign instead of a mediocre ad buy.

Prism offers a complete suite of services that include planning, design, copywriting and media buying.  These professionals are all seasoned professionals that have worked on small retain campaigns all the way up to sophisticated major brand campaigns.  The beauty of our organization is that you work with us on all of it or just a piece you may not be comfortable with or have the time to implement.

Want to know more, then contact us.  You never know when an opportunity will present itself.

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