For Show or Dough?

Trade Show MarketingFor many businesses, attending a consumer or trade show is one of their most effective marketing vehicles – and its costliest. The smallest of techniques and details dictate whether a show is an annual bonanza or waste of precious time and funds.

To make shows effective, your booth must work hard to attract people in so you can close a sale or gain a hot lead. Sales people must be trained to stand out from the other exhibitors and begin to close the sale.

We have developed hundreds of show plans that range from small local shows to industry trade events. Or plans include as little or as much as the business needs. Our services range from booth design, strategic planning to training show personnel to unique “in-show” techniques. We have provided our clients ways to reduce show space costs, develop awareness tricks to gain leads and engage more prospects to your display. Our enlightened ideas will not only help you gain more awareness but give you the tools to evaluate the worth of any event or show.

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