MarketingThe clients are looking at you. Hard. Your RFP creative pitch was amazing and you won the account. The honeymoon was great and the initial campaign kept the account.

Now, the second campaign is not going well. The account is at risk and you don’t even know it because your account team hasn’t seen the signs of displeasure. Getting young, smart talent is easy, but training them on relationship building, internal/external communications and giving creative direction only comes with training and practice.

If you have ever wondered what goes into agency selections, perceptions of agencies by clients, and how the actual working process is developed – Prism Agency Training is for you.

We are unique in training agency professionals. We have high level professionals that have experience as senior management in major brands AND large agencies.

Prism Marketing specializes in training account teams to understand how to:

  • Sell “the right” campaigns
  • Increase client satisfaction so they spend more and add services
  • Communicate effectively with clients and agency management
  • Direct creatives to develop smart strategies for maximum results that clients love
  • Identify when a client is unhappy and is at risk
  • Reduce write offs in billing because they can communicate the agency’s value

If you know you have great talent but are not increasing business or losing accounts, it is time to call us. We have a loaded deck because we have already seen everyone’s cards.

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