Customized Solutions for Marketing Agencies

planningEach agency has a different challenge because there are differences in every size agency, complexity of account base and of course the skill set of the account team. Most agencies spend a lot of time and effort in finding good young talent and then more often than not train them poorly. Frankly, there really aren’t any college courses that teach how to think like a client, build relationships and learn key communication skills necessary to not only keep key accounts but increase your business with them.

We are unique. Our Agency Marketing team principles have been at all levels on both the client and agency side. This perspective provides a very rare look at the mindset of clients and even more fascinating is how the decisions are made and what driving forces determine key decisions.

Fully Customized Solutions

The process starts with a detailed conversation with agency owners, partners or key account people to determine exactly what your agency needs. This includes learning about the program’s participants and what key areas improvement is needed as identified by the senior management team. The program consists of intense single or two day sessions that are a combination of presentations, interactive exercises and group discussions that includes real client issues and experiences. Each program includes valuable principles and processes that cover:

  • 15 ways to write better immediately for internal and client communications
  • Relationship building with clients including identifying when a client is at risk or is prime to increase business with the agency
  • Account people versus creatives: Techniques and processes to get to the “big idea” so the agency can help the client succeed and keep harmony inside the agency walls.
  • The Client Mind: Understanding the mindset, issues and decision making process that go into selecting and directing an agency.
  • Integrated Strategic Planning to illustrate yout value to every prospect and current client.
  • Request for Proposal: One shot at winning.

We can help any size agency with account team training. Since all programs are customized to the needs of the agency, pricing is determined by number of participants and type of training needed. We also have a very good track record with assisting in proposal pitches. This includes either partnering with agencies who may not have specific areas of expertise needed to land an account or simply help facilitate the process or review materials.

Unlike most things in our business, talk isn’t cheap. It’s free. Call Mark Thomas at to increase the value of your employees and agency.