Press/Media Relations Bring Awareness But Might Save Your Business

Media RelationsMost people truly believe public or media relations is nothing more than smiling and shaking hands. With the correct planning and messaging, the media can be your greatest source of awareness and provides something paid advertising doesn’t have –third party credibility.
Public Relations, with its cousin media relations, is actually a powerful strategy for organizations that require solid thinking, excellent writing and relationship building. It isn’t fancy or glamorous, but it can pay big dividends and might be one of the most powerful elements of your marketing efforts. Solid public relations stretch your paid media dollars and can’t be countered by your competitors.
Think you are too small or don’t have a place for public relations? Consider this. A story is in the paper that announces your parking lot is a risk for customers or a bad review appears online about one of your products. What can you do? Public relations puts into place immediate responses when they are needed most.
More positively, you can become the expert on certain subjects where reporters come to you on certain issues that brings more awareness to your products or services and can really help your organization. What is a feature story in the local newspaper or an appearance on a TV station’s morning or noon show worth? That’s where we come in.
Our staff are masters at public relations. We have professionals with APR designation which is earned through several years of studying all types of public and media relations situations. Less than 5% of all public relations professionals have this qualification. Public relations should be a key element of your marketing efforts. We can help you plan out public relations that can promote your products, create awareness or prepare a contingency plan for emergencies.

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